Welcome to my blog. My name is Ivoline but you can call me Ivy. I am a Masters student in Computer Engineering at Konya Technical University. I am particularly interested in applying my experiences toward the discovery of new methods and trends that will improve state-of-the-art AI. My technical interest are:

  • Applied Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Privacy Preserving AI
  • Statistics and Data Engineering

As someone who believes in the power of AI for good,I have worked as a Junior ML Engineer in Omdena I also serve as a consultant for the Udacity learning platform on a part time basis, where I utilize my specialized knowledge in the fields of Computer Vision, Android and Java Development to provide mentorship, project reviews and other student support services.

My research interests are an intersection of machine learning and deep learning for computer vision, natural language processing and privacy preserving AI. Outside of this, I write articles on Medium and Towards Data Science. I am exploring solutions for security and privacy for machine learning and AI ethics such as algorithmic bias and fairness.

Not only is this blog a way to share my AI journey with the world, it is also going to help me organize everything I learn and synthesize my own ideas. As a mentor, I have had to answer the same questions multiple times to several mentees which was fun but also time consuming. My blog therefore doubles as a time saver. And most importantly, I hope someone somewhere gets to learn a thing or two.

I am a big believer in increasing the number of women in tech by showing girls and women that STEM is not a boys only club.

When I am not building software, reading articles or mentoring, you can find me traveling, watching movies, reading, listening to music or cooking.

Now, you get to see my world, through the lens of Artificial Intelligencev.

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